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Island Marine Group provides custom digital switching sales and support solutions for the boat and yacht refurbishment market as well as OEM boat builders. We will custom design a switch panel in house to fit your helm and build a reliable system to power your boat and fit your needs. Switch panels can include your boat name or other graphic image.  All systems are bench tested prior to shipment and come with full documentation and installation instructions.  Installation should be performed by a qualified ABYC certified marine electrician.  Support is provided by phone, text, email, Appletalk or Facetime. Mobile technicians are available come to your vessel. Larger jobs are handled at out industry partner, Ross Marine on John's Island, South Carolina. Ross can handle vessels up to 100,000 pounds and up to 18' beam. 


If you need troubleshooting of your system, or wish to add components and need to revise your configuration, call (843) 480-8153 to speak to a technical support agent.  Our technical support staff received CZone Level 2 training from the factory. 

CZone® digital switching gives you complete control and monitoring of all the electrical components on your boat from the touch of a button. Customized modes automatically optimize the boat for specific situations. Whether it’s a day of fishing or cruising, CZone simplifies the operation of your vessel. Make your time on the water safer and more enjoyable when you let CZone do the thinking.


  • Control multiple circuits with a single touch. Easily dial in your boat for any situation
  • Control and monitor all electrical circuits from CZone’s intuitive user interface
  • Enjoy a clean dash and reduced weight by eliminating manual switches and breakers


  • Control the electrical systems on the vessel directly from your iPad
  • CZone has partnered with leading electronics manufacturers to deliver full functionality directly from your MFD


  • Proven durability with over 10 years and thousands of installations across the globe
  • System redundancy and protection through built-in current limiters and manual fuse override

I believe that it is clear that digital switching systems on boats is a matter of "when", not "if".  Will you wait until your customers demand it or choose other manufacturers?  Or will you ride this technological wave into the future? 

Island Marine Group technicians are certified:

ABYC Electrical

NMEA 2000 Network Installer

NMEA 2000 Electronics Installer

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