Island Marine Group provides a range of options for custom digital switching solutions.   For small to medium sized vessels, the simplicity and easy installation of a Can Bus system is ideal.  Loads are wired to the centrally located controller to minimize copper wire. The controller uses electronic Circuit Breakers (ECB) to eliminate the need for individual circuit breaker or fuses for each load. Overcurrent is indicated on the keypad and the circuit reset by holding the button.  Battery saver/load shedding  technology can turn off loads in priority fashion to reserve power for starting engine.



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Keypads are available with replaceable icons to customize the installations. Each button has tri-color LED lights to indicate function.

No more messy wiring!


Etched silicone keypads are available in 10 and 14 button versions.  They can be custom printed and installed either vertically or horizontally. Each button has 3 LED indicator lights and can control more than one function including timers, dimmers, momentary and on/off functions.